What’s The 411?

Hey y’all just thought i would drop in today and give a little 411 on my favorite fashion and beauty gems. For any new schoolers who don’t know what 411 means it’s just an old school word for info/information!! LOL any who, first off its obvious i love fashion but when it comes to my personal style im pretty simple and chic. However i do have an inner child that loves edgy and eclectic!! I love basics and statement pieces because they are so easy to style and come with endless possibilities. I also have an addiction to leggings and jeans, not really big on skirts and dresses but live for a cute maxie dress in the spring and summer. But lets move on from clothes to better places like accessories!! Accessories are the queen of all cherries on top!! They complete any outfit, hell sometimes they create and revive THE OUTFIT!!!! For me a cute bag, earrings, and rings are my go to’s but i love a good statement necklace and a really cute scarf!! HMMM for my ladies who are sleep y’all better wake up and get some accessories in your life!! Lastly for my beauty GAWDS, sadly im just jumping on the makeup and skin care train lol however i do love a lippie and slowly becoming an eyeshadow fiend, yes soon i hope to become apart of the Slayyyy and Flawless world (yeah right). Well that’s it for my 411 today, guys feel free to comment some of your fav fashion and beauty gems, see ya!


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