Plus Summer Outdoor Wedding Date

Plus Summer Outdoor Wedding Date

Apiece Apart frilly dress
$345 –

Salvatore Ferragamo low heel shoes
$555 –

Dolce Gabbana floral purse
$540 –

Givenchy yellow gold necklace
$345 –

Lizzie Fortunato fringe earrings
$150 –

Curvy/End of Summer Swim

Curvy/End of Summer Swim

Plus Fall Chic

Plus Fall Chic

ViX beach dress
$395 –

Dorothy Perkins fringe top
$29 –

Oscar de la Renta coral earrings
$590 –

Burgundy necklace

Finding My Way

Hi guys I decided to do a little venting, about some things that’s been on my mind lately. I am trying to get in the groove of things with blogging. I must admit blogging has been somewhat of a challenge to me. When i initially started this blog i thought i would be ok with posting my fashion sets to display my talents, not realizing there was so much more that needed to be done. Truth be told, for years I’ve had a fear of starting a fashion and style blog because i didn’t know how to start one. Now that ive sucked up my fears and started a blog, im still trying to find my way. I am completely lost on what to post. I know that there is no real rule book when it comes to blogging, but it feel like i am doing something wrong. Any who even though im in a weird place with blogging i will keep pushing!! So with that being said, i am an extending an invite to all my fellow followers and future ones as well to let me know what they would like to see more of from my blog. I am open to any productive opinions, and ideas from you guys so feel free to leave me a comment. See you guys on my next post!!


Plus Street Lux

Plus Street Lux

M Co women plus size top
$7.81 –

River Island kimono jacket
$20 –

Ripped jeans
$155 –

J M Davidson leather handbag
$645 –