Plus Pink Sassy Night

Plus Pink Sassy Night

Boohoo crop top

Manon Baptiste pocket jacket
$265 –

Charlotte Olympia pink booties
$985 –

Valentino handbag purse

Balmain coin jewellery
$305 –


Worry Not??

Hi everyone, it’s the middle of the week and I hope everyone is having a good week so far. Today i wanted to stop by and discuss something, that is a big problem in my life and im sure many others as well. I wanted to talk about Worry, this is something i have a huge issue with. It is so easy to worry especially when you have real life issues to deal with such as finances, job stress and kids not to mention the monument of other things that go on in your everyday life. Lately i have been trying to work on not letting Worry consume my life. We are living in a world, where constant turmoil is happening so adding Worry is the last thing I nor anyone else should do. A life consumed with Worry is a life not fully lived and at the end of the day Worry will change nothing or create anything of fulfillment. Going forward I have decided to practice these four words Worry Not, Pray More.  I am a true believer of God and I feel I owe it  to God and myself to do better and trust the process, hopefully practice will make for success!! See you guys on my next blog post!!!

Plus 2n1 Looks/ Street Chic

Plus 2n1 Looks/ Street Chic

Camo print jacket

Blue jacket

Prada shoulder bag handbag
$2,895 –

Square leather backpack

Gucci pendant
$1,285 –